Tuesday, November 22, 2011

99 % + 1% = 7,000,000,000+

I remember my fathers voice when I came home with a report card that said 99%.
His remark was always "What happened to the other 1%?"

It never dawned on me what the implications of that could mean many years later.
My father in his infinite wisdom was telling me.. "Don't forget about the one percent"
As I choose to translate things with the best of intentions to help me move forward I apply this to the state of the world today.

What we are hearing is that 1% of the population is in charge of 99%.
As such there are rally's around the world to bring attention to this apparent greed and phenomena.

How do we bring these two worlds together and stop playing the 'us vs them' game.
Is it enough to just pitch tents and sing Kumbaya in peaceful protest.
What is the message? What is the strategy?

Think of it this way.
You want a house. How do you get it? Do you just grab some pieces of wood and start hammering things together or do you surround yourself with people that know how to draw a blueprint, bring in the experts, financial help etc.

The thing about human nature is that we rarely take responsibility for our actions or inactions.
If the so called 1% are in charge it's because we let them be there with our apathy.
How many of the 99% who are eligible to vote actually did so in the previous election?
This is a privilege bestowed upon us by people who fought for that right.
This is a privilege that although we in North America take for granted, people still fight and die for overseas.

Think about it... 99%... that is a huge number...
We all get that the state of the world needs to be adjusted and revamped.
There are great things and there are not so great things about the countries where we live.
But... the only way to make a change is to make a change in ourselves and our habits.

We must become pro-active and take charge of our lives.
That means taking responsibility of our finances, of overspending, over leveraging etc
It means constantly learning about ourselves and the world around us and how we work together.
It means training ourselves to see opportunities in spite of adversity.
It means taking responsibility of getting to know who is running for the positions of influence in our communities all the way to the top of government.
That means getting out there and voting.
The more we know and empower ourselves the more we can stop being what the 1% thinks we should be..
dare I say it.. SHEEP!

For those of us who say "what's the point it won't make a difference" I say 'how do you know unless you try"
Has the 99% ever collectively risen up to vote?

Is it just easier to sit on our couches and vote for Dancing with the stars and American Idol...
Have we become that disconnected?
Vote for your future.
Aren't you a star and an idol for your loved ones?

We get the tents and the marches.. the message is out.. it's time to take constructive ACTION now.

Learn as much as you can so you can empower yourself.
Vote, get involved with your community.
By doing nothing than just protesting the 1% is unaffected and it's business as usual.
By engaging, learning and impacting the economy by living within means (as an example)... the 99% will soon become 100%
100% does not mean socialism.. it means 100% of the population has the right, the will and the ability to chase their dreams whatever their dreams may be and turn them into reality.

We have everything to lose if we don't take constructive action and everything to gain if we do.

Let's make it happen!

Altius et Fortius