Friday, July 26, 2013

Make your Mark... Be Known for your Greatness!

SHERO on Responsibility: 

always, Always, ALWAYS do your best not matter what. I have heard so many times in business situations comments like 'he doesn't care why should I?' or 'she always comes late why should I come on time?'... the reality is that if there is only one you, if you consider yourself to be YOU Inc. then you better think, walk, talk, write and behave up to your high standards and not to others low standards for themselves. Trust me when I say that you are rewarded in many ways for upholding and improving upon your own high standards. You are rewarded by the way in which your entire physiology reacts to you maintaining high standards. You are rewarded because others do notice your behaviour and it WILL open doors for you. You are rewarded because your self-confidence and belief in yourself attracts great people in your life. The list is endless... Always remember.. if it has your name on it, if you had something to do with it's production, creation, distribution, organization and everything from A - Z take full responsibility for it and make it the best it can possibly be. Make your Mark and be known for your greatness not weakness.