Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The pistons that fire my engine... S5!

SHERO on Opportunity: 

Do you have any idea how close you are to getting what you want? Don't give up. Most of us get locked into fear and quit only to find out later that what we were seeking was just around the corner. Go for it... if you are down pick yourself up quickly... it's ok if you have stopped to take a breath but keep the momentum going... even a beautiful sports car needs a pit stop... aren't you worth more than anything material??? Rev your engine, fire those pistons and put the rubber on the road... GO GO GO! Do you know why I love the Ford GT below with the number 5??? Because it symbolizes the 5 strategies that make the acronym SHERO - Spirituality, Humanity, Enlightenment, Responsibility & Opportunity.. It's the S5!