Thursday, July 18, 2013

It Begins with YOU!

SHERO on Spirituality: 

Whether your belief ends in -ian, -im, -ology, -ism, etc know this.. no matter what you choose own it and be it... not passively but not just pick and choose bits and pieces as it suits you and excludes others in turn. Be extremely aware that anything you believe in that represents constructive and interdependent thinking with service to ALL humanity becomes null and void the minute you raise your hand against another based on your own ego, insecurities, lacking, manipulation and fear. We ALL have the capacity to love and co-exist. We also have the capacity to hate and destroy. YOU decide which direction you choose to take humanity starting from your own thoughts and actions. This will in turn have a rippling effect towards your family, your community until ultimately it reaches all of humanity. It begins with YOU!... Choose LOVE!