Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TUUM EST - It's Up To You!


Be yourself not someone else
Be authentic with no pretense
Own who you are and your heritage
Improve upon it with each passing page

It's easy to complain and blame others
But when one takes responsibility one discovers
An inner strength that has no limit
Other than the power that you give it

So move forward grow and expand
Nothing but the best for yourself demand
Never look back, always be true
Because at the end of the day, it's up to you!

-2010 Rebecca Moradoghli

Monday, September 13, 2010



Ask yourself is it really true?

That all Muslims want to hurt me and you?

Do all Catholic priests like little boys?

More than the way a boy likes his toys?

Christians don’t kill, only Muslims do?

And being Jewish means you’re sneaky too?

What a bunch of BS!

Belief Systems I guess!

Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and all are shaking their heads

Wondering how in the world we sleep in our beds

Separating ourselves with man made beliefs

Stealing each others souls with fear like silly petty thieves

Spirituality transcends all this angst and hate

Together we can rule in a constructive state

Stop being led by those who are in the dark and insecure

Grab your life in your hands with intentions that are pure

Learn to trust, to love, to communicate

Let’s figure ourselves out before it’s too late

Don’t be the pawn in other people's self serving game

Enough with the pain, with interdependence we gain

You can choose any path you want to your God

But not at the cost of hurting another with a lightening rod

As soon as you raise your hand to prove your belief is best

Your beliefs mean nothing you have failed any test

Let’s celebrate our differences, individual and unique

Knowing without any of us the picture is not complete!

-2010 Rebecca Moradoghli

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Thought of as a princess in a protected world
Was a joy to be with yet they could not hold
Left her tribe to find her way
Jaded and confused she ran away

On her journey she did find
Some who were evil yet most were kind
She stood strong and tall and faced them all
For they were not allowed to see her fall

And there were times where she could have caved
For the road less traveled was not paved
Although her heart was torn and tattered
Finding herself was all that mattered

As she looked out at the ocean blue
At the bald eagles that soared and flew
Nature spoke to her from the morning dew
Be a SHERO, Be Authentic, Be True!

-2010 Rebecca Moradoghli