Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't limit yourself... Get out of YOUR OWN WAY!

SHERO on Opportunity: 

There's knowing and then there is GOING, DOING, BEING & LIVING... Recently I was surrounded by rooms filled with people with incredible achievements in the field of Psychology - Positive Psychology to be exact - as well as neuroscience. I was humbled and honoured that they gave me an audience to speak SHERO by way of a poster presentation even though I do not share their similar background. The point is this.. do not let your insecurities and mental constipation limit you from going down the road less traveled or venturing from the safety of the harbour. Put away limiting beliefs and engage yourself with others around you. Don't assume they are better and you are less. Don't assume that you are better and they are less. Collaboration will always get you further than trying to be the 'lone wolf' all the time. When jealousy, envy, ego, insecurities etc are put away in their place comes flourishing, growth, co-operation, creation, compassion and interdependence that take you toward win win situations.. most of which you couldn't even imagine before...