Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Love?

The argument for Valentine’s Day

Is that it’s a validation of love based on pay.

If you love me big I’ll know by your gift & its size

If no gift at all there’s no love and no prize

Is this what we are reduced to on this day?

One day a year to express our love in this way?

Love is unconditional every hour, every day, and every year

Don’t wait for an occasion for your love to share

Flowers, dinners and chocolates are great

For any occasion to celebrate

Love is expressed in many shapes and forms

For each of us there are different norms

Romance isn’t just about gifts and flowers as a must

Rather looking down the path ahead with love, respect, loyalty and trust

What good is a gift on this so called day of hearts?

When the giving is over and the giver departs

Sets sail away from the positive values that you hold near

Does it make it ok because he or she called you ‘Dear’?

The moral of this little story

Is to love and be loved for who you are and all your glory

Love 24/7/365 days a year with an open heart

Never measure your love based on what’s in a shopping cart!

- 2011 Rebecca Moradoghli