Friday, July 19, 2013

It is time to take FLIGHT!

SHERO on Enlightenment: 

Be very careful that what you think, say and do are in alignment. Be sure that if you want to see a sunset you walk west not east. Be sure that if your intent is to lose weight you learn about nutrition no just focus on fat free products filled with calories. Be sure that if your intent is to do good for humanity you do so every day by your kindness to your family, friends and even strangers not just to those who share the same cultural or religious background on specific days. Be great every day, not just when it suits you and fits into your schedule....You can be great at home, at work, during travel, anywhere and everywhere... 24/7... Step out of tribal hypnosis and embrace a global catharsis from limiting beliefs to empowered interdependent engaged Life.. LIFE; It's in you to live! The Butterfly is flapping it's wings... the change is not coming.. IT IS HERE!