Thursday, September 15, 2011


Excuse me Mr. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Time is running out we must act soon

Faced with anguish, fear & strife we are always reacting vs preventing
Events such as Terrorism, Global Warming, Hunger & Human Trafficking

What needs to change in this turbulent world
Are thinking patterns as we pick up our pens and put down our swords

Enough with band-aid solutions and manipulated events
Time to adjust our belief systems ladies & gents

So what is the plan for a problem this size
Where all UN members can benefit and prevent humanities demise

What is this new Modus Operandi
That will create a viable & sustainable future for you & me

Where philosophy, ideology, science & reality join as one
Making all UN resolutions constructive & second to none

Thinking SHERO is a proactive way
To address today's issues so future generations do not have to pay

Surely all nations can acknowledge SPIRITUALITY
By connecting to all it's citizens no matter what their ideology

Governments must also take ownership for the well being of all HUMANITY
If we just think win lose it hurts not only me but our collective global family

ENLIGHTENED resolutions incorporating the world
As we remove us vs them mentality & destructive belief systems we hold

RESPONSIBILITY for all our decisions and accountability
If we expect the respect of the citizens of the global community

OPPORTUNITY to move forward with positive intent
So we do not simply react we work to prevent

In every resolution, sanction & mandate made by UN decision makers
These 5 principles must be considered prior to signing official papers

SHERO; Spirituality, Humanity, Enlightenment, Responsibility & Opportunity
Is now a pro-active MUST not just a consideration or possibility!

All components can apply to all parts of the globe, at home or at work
It takes leadership with humility, compassion and courage to take it forth!

- 2011 Rebecca Moradoghli