Friday, July 15, 2011


There are studies in personal development and organizational behaviour that suggest we become like those whom we associate with.

Hence the expressions "Like attracts like", or "Birds of a feather stick together".

As most of you know one of my BS's is that not one person can provide all the answers to our questions whether about business, lifestyle, relationships, etc.

I choose to associate myself with people who are constructive, positive and open minded from all walks of life and backgrounds.

That being said, people have impacted me that know me personally and people have impacted me where it would be impossible for me to meet them as they have passed on.

Mentoring is not just about finding one physical presence that will give you all the answers.

You can find mentors from the past and present by way of their words and actions.

Open yourself to all the constructive belief systems that are out there and pick and choose what you can use.

That's where Hope A Scope comes in.

It is another tool for you to inspire and propel yourself forward from wisdom of the ages past and present.

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