Tuesday, April 26, 2011



What we share in common from the same source
Is Hope, Faith and Love of course
It's not about one religious path
Or Us vs Them if not then face the wrath
It's in our DNA and our genetic code
Just as breathing is our natural mode

Hope for Humanity makes us awaken each day
Wanting a better future for our children as we watch them play
We Faithfully believe that despite adversity
Everything happens for a reason for us to learn and to see
Love in the purest sense of the word
Unconditionally giving like a mother's umbilical cord

It's funny the more differences we claim
When you break us down we are really the same
The same DNA, Blood and Neurology
The same abilities to reason, think and take responsibility
Most important of which is our common ability to make a choice
Whether we pull ourselves apart or unite as one voice

The irony is that we are simply perfect in every which way
But so busy feeding our ego's and pushing each other away
The notion of interdependence and giving peace a chance
Is not a fairy tale or a fictitious romance
It is a necessity, requirement and a MUST
Tapping into Hope, Faith and Love manifesting a Universe of Trust.