Thursday, January 27, 2011



Choose your values wisely
For it defines who you are and what others see
Value Trust for it is priceless
It can not be bought but will disappear if careless
You may be able to put a cup together once broken
But it becomes a hollow shell and just a token
Of what that cup used to be
Just as the broken trust between you and your employee

Loyalty is another value that is rare yet true
It takes time to establish yet is of high value
A price tag on this you can not establish
No matter which consultant you ask for the task to accomplish

Integrity is guided by truth and honest intentions
In all your thoughts, actions and reactions
If some think integrity is a part time choice as it suits their wrath
It may be time to close that door and choose another path

The new path will lead you to a group of all three
Trust, Loyalty and Integrity
They are a beautiful set as the earth is old
Can never be split, bought or sold!

-2011 Rebecca Moradoghli