Thursday, June 16, 2011

OUR 5 Senses

What is the most amazing thing you ever saw?
Was it big or was it small?
Was it old or new?
Did it inspire, enlighten or transform you?

What is the most amazing thing you ever heard?
Was it a speech or a simple phrase?
Did it change you inside out?
Erase all your fears and doubt?

And when you smell that certain perfume
Does it take you to all flowers you've seen bloom?
Do you visit a time in your past
Moments you wish would last and last

Those sweet strawberries through and through
The taste of which will never escape you
The delicious ice cream on that hot summer day
That your mother gave to take your blues away

Last but not least is the touch of your Grandmothers hand
As she sat beside you and told you of the dreams she planned
Or the way in which you held your child on the very first day
Promising to protect it no matter what came their way

These five senses we all have in common in every nation
No matter what belief system we subscribe to like a magazine subscription
Realizing that we have so much in common & how alike we are
Does it make sense to waste our lives focussed on fear and war?

Every nation has mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers
Uncles, Aunts, Grandmother and Grandfathers
We all have five senses we all see, hear, smell, taste and touch the same
Isn't it time to realize we are interdependent and stop playing the 'what's in it for me game'?

When you start to think we and eliminate the me
When you acknowledge that what hurts someones senses would also hurt you to a tee
Then you realize how silly and foolish it would be
To hurt another because you are only hurting yourself don't you see?

- 2011 R. Moradoghli