Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What is Women’s Day really about?

Other than being a SHERO inside out

But what is SHERO? What can it do for me?

Can it help me as a woman and set me free?

The answer is yes to all and so much more

As it is a global inclusive community we are striving for

Be loving and connected with SPIRITUALITY

As that is the heart of you and me

Reach out to your neighbor with HUMANITY

Forget just “me” ad fully embrace “WE”

Continue to learn moving towards ENLIGHTENMENT

Live life with child like curiosity and excitement

Stand up and take RESPONSIBILITY

As only you have that capability

Let go of the past and embrace present OPPORTUNITY

If you fall, rise up, learn the lesson and move forward with integrity

Five interdependent principles that spell S H E R O

When in doubt get in this empowered state.. Go SHERO Go!

- 2011 Rebecca Moradoghli