Monday, May 13, 2013

Stop colouring the leaves green.. get to the root of the matter!

SHERO on Enlightenment: 
If you saw a tree with brown leaves what would you do? Would you cut the leaves? If there is more than one brown leaf would you paint the leaves green to cover the ailment? No of course not. But that is what we do on a daily basis to our bodies as well as situations we come across. We cover our bodies ailments by a quick fix. A pill for an ill. We cover our relationship problems by not having a conversation and hoping it will just magically go away. But just like the tree, the only way to solve the problem is getting to the root of the matter. By looking at the roots of the tree where the nourishment originates we will be able to address why the leaves are browning. By looking into your nutritional intake and how your digestive system works you will be able to address many of your bodies ailments. By looking at the entire iceberg including what is under the waterline and not just the tip of the iceberg (aka the problem) between you and a loved one, a colleague, a boss etc you will have a better understanding of why things happened, are happening and will continue to happen if you don't make adjustments.