Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stop the Comparison Game.. It's Boring!

SHERO on Enlightenment: 

And this is how we are.... First we want a boyfriend or girlfriend... when we have one we compare ours to our friends. Then we get an education and we start comparing our education and achievements and shingles on the walls to that of our friends. Then we get married... and we compare our husband/wife, our house, our car and our station in life to that of our sister in law, brother in law, friends etc. Then we have kids and we start to compare the achievement of our kids to the achievement of other kids in our near circle... and this vicious cycle continues... and yet...
This is how we CAN be...
We find someone we love because of the values we have in common
We go to school because it is what we love to do and have chosen
We marry the one we love and build a life together for each other looking down the street in the same direction
We have children (whether biologically or by the gift of adoption) knowing that they are a blessing and they are not a reflection of who we are yet they are spiritual beings on a journey with us..
No where in this equation is comparison, jealousy, envy and measuring ourselves to others achievements...
My path is my path.. my life is mine and mine alone.. the time wasted comparing myself to others is time taken away from building my own greatness....
These comparative narratives that we think about on a day to day basis will not matter 20 years from now except when we look back with regret of the time that we have wasted.