Thursday, April 25, 2013


SHERO on Opportunity: 

What do you think of when you hear the word leadership? Is it about a title given to someone ie. President, CEO etc or is it how one carries themselves with or without a title. The reality is that quite often there are those who have the title of leaders but do not have a clue how to lead and there are those who have no title but have a major constructive influence with their family, friends & community. You do not need a title to be your own boss. By that I do not mean to own your own business (although that is great) What I mean is that you should be YOU INC. i.e Rebecca Inc. SHERO inc. etc... what that means is that you have your own high standards of being, living, learning, growing etc that is far beyond any expectations set for you by anybody else. If you do not learn to lead yourself with high standards and values someone will swoop in and set standards for you. More often than not the standards set by others for you are based on their own limitations... So you have to ask yourself.. live a life empowered, engaged where the universe is unlimited as are the possibilities or follow a sheep with a title who thinks of you as nothing more than just another sheep.

You do not need an external title to be a leader.. you were given that title the minute you were born.. YOU INC!