Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day & Bullying

Two very interesting topics. How do they come together today on March 8th where a majority of the countries of the world celebrate women and their achievements and perseverance? The history behind the March 8th movement is briefly summed up on the United Nations webpage International Women's Day.

Women have made great strides in history. From fighting for the right to vote to the ability to be the boss and run fortune 500 companies. There is more work to be done and areas in the world yet to be touched. One such area is bullying...

For any of you who have been following the Reality Show that is the run for the Republican Presidential candidate nomination.. you are aware of the recent arguments whether rational or not about contraception and a definition of a woman using it. The bullying of women across the airwaves regarding this matter is simply... a one way ticket back to the caves. Where some who are deficient in enlightenment would argue.. 'when men were men and women knew their roles....'

When did it become ok to bully people whether women or men? The nations of the world are waking up to the dangers of bullying in schools. There have been numerous incidents where children have taken their lives or the lives of others as a direct result of being bullied for various reasons. Here we are as adults looking down at our children and saying it is not ok to bully yet as adults we bully away on the airwaves, constantly repeat it on the news and justify it by saying it's a show or it's for ratings.

Slander and bullying are disgusting and non-constructive. These are elements in our society that have to be eliminated. Bullying has to become something that we read about in history books rather than seeing it day to day in the daily news. As most of you know SHERO does not stand for a female hero. SHERO is an acronym that brings together all genders, nations, cultures, religions and generations to work interdependently. We can lead our lives with compassion and interdependence incorporating elements of Spirituality, Humanity, Enlightenment, Responsibility and Opportunity in our day to day lives. Bullying has hurt many and needs to be stopped for all by all.

If I had one SHERO wish for the ladies of the world as they celebrate their day... teach your children not to bully and shut down the adults that do. Shut them down constructively with the power of your vote, with the power of your consumer dollar and with the power of your constructive reason and rational.

There is absolutely no reason in this day and age that bullying of any kind should exist. Whether it's targeted towards women or otherwise. No amount of ratings and earnings justify that behaviour... or support for that behaviour.

While we inhabit this earth.. let's stand up and make our life count for something great!

Altius et Fortius