Saturday, October 15, 2011

GAROGHA - Possibilities

Now that's a word you won't find in the English Dictionary.

What does it mean? It's an Armenian word that means "it's possible"

During my personal and professional journey I have learned to lessen the baggage by simply using this word to re-appraise a situation.

By re-appraising a situation that may be deemed negative I automatically help my body to manage it's stress level.

Clearly there is no shortage of high stress, high blood pressure, high temper in all areas of our lives.

Re-appraising is crucial for evaluating a situation in a positive light as opposed to succumbing to our standardized negative beliefs.

Ask yourself how many times have you jumped to a negative conclusion only to find out later that you were completely wrong.

Our bodies translate negative thoughts as fight or flight defense mechanisms thus life threatening events.
What do you think happens to your body when you react this way?

Here's a hint:
Stress hormone cortisol is released in your bloodstream to manage stress in the short-run.
When there is too much stress back to back the cortisol released damages both the immune and cardiovascular systems.
Hence with a weakened immune system we become prone to many diseases..
We work hard to make money and create a lifestyle then have to pay for it with the money we made because we are sick...
Does that make sense? What are we doing to ourselves?

By re-appraising a situation in the positive you create serotonin in your system... the good mood hormone that helps you heal and create!.

So, don't just jump to a conclusion when something doesn't go your way or you hear someone else's version of a story... think "GAROGHA"

Here is a fun video that helps us with our beliefs and paradigms...

Until we meet again...

Altius et Fortius,