Thursday, April 4, 2013

DISCIPLINE.. I suggest you make friends with it! :-)

SHERO on Opportunity: 

Discipline is the only thing that will get you from this point to where it is you want to be! The Discipline to Start, the discipline to Finish. The Discipline to get up early and stay late at night to finish whatever it is you want. The Discipline to watch what we eat and not give in to too many sweets and fats assuming our goal is to be healthy. Whatever you have decided to change about yourself it will take discipline to accomplish it. There are no quick fixes, no shortcuts. You can only get to where you want to go by perseverance, dedication, tenacity and confidence. Every time you set goals for yourself and accomplish them you become a more valuable person not just to yourself but to society. The confidence you feel when you meet and exceed your goals may far outweigh what you have sacrificed to attain it. But that is ultimately for you to decide. If it is something that you really really want its up to you to get it. All the great achievers in the world have not waited for their ship to come in.. they have build their own...or if you are not into ships... drive your future forward! ;-)