Thursday, March 7, 2013


SHERO on Enlightenment: 

It is absolutely crucial that we are learning and growing everyday. By growth I don't mean our age, our waistline, our height. I am speaking about personal growth that helps you evolve as a human being to something greater than anything you can ever imagine. The more you learn the more you can increase your empathy, passion and compassion for others. In doing so not only do you help yourself by not getting stressed over silly things yet you help others by the way in which you react to situations. Older doesn't necessarily mean wiser, it may mean that you have been doing it wrong longer. As a society if we value our future our number one goal should be the education of ALL children FEMALE & MALE!... that is the most basic requirement for humanity as is clean drinking water and clean air to breath. For those who argue that education is expensive the counter argument is greater is the cost of ignorance. The most basic level is to create an environment where children can complete high school without having to worry about working at a young age or supporting their family.. from then on education must continue by way of a persons insatiable desire want need and curiosity about the world, the way the body works, the way the mind works, the way the universe works, and everything in the middle from A - Z. The more you help yourself with the knowledge that is amply available to you the greater you become and the greater the deeds you can achieve for yourself and others in a constructive win win capacity. It's not a degree on the wall I am speaking about (although that has merit), you can educate yourself in so many ways... you always have a choice.. put your brain on park and watch a silly reality show.. or pick up a book, listen to a webinar, enroll in a workshop, hire a coach and the list is endless... Education goes beyond what you were trained for in your job.. education and enlightenment is how you continually grow as a result of everything else you choose to pick up along the way with clear intent.... From Science, to Arts, to Psychology.. From the Grain of sand under your feet.. to the infinite stars in the sky and everything in between... it's a MUST for you to LEARN. It's a MUST for you to GROW.. It's a MUST for you to KNOW!