Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your BEST-SELF Blueprint

SHERO on Responsibility & Opportunity:

An architect designs a house. A fashion designer designs the latest clothes for the season. An engineer designs a car (mechanical) or a bridge (civil). Those are jobs/careers etc. Before any of that can take place we must design our core. We must program ourselves and create our personal blueprint for success. Your blueprint is yours and yours alone. There is no other success blueprint that is the same as yours just as there is nobody that is like you. You are unique. So how do you design your blueprint?

1) Know your values and what you stand for. Ask yourself what is important to me? If you are stuck and confused about values think of it this way. What is your favourite animal? i.e. Dog Why do you love dogs? i.e. because they are loving, loyal, trusting etc (as an example) Thus your values are love, loyalty and trust

2) Write out a list of things you want to accomplish in your life. Everything you can imagine and give it a achievable and time-bound deadline. Ask yourself where do I want to be 1 yr from now, 5 yrs from now, 10 yrs from now?

3) On a daily basis take action towards the goals and values you have outlined. Ask yourself is my action right now taking me towards my goals? For instance if you are an entrepreneur working from home but you are sitting watching something silly on tv. If you are someone who wants to lose 30 lbs and is about to take a bite of that delicious croissant thinking you will start the diet tomorrow.

Every successful person has a blueprint!

If you are struggling with any of this... talk to me!

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