Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your present situation is.....

SHERO on Opportunity: 
Your present situation is not your final destination. You must begin today what you wish to become tomorrow. We tend to put things on hold whether in our personal lives or business, waiting for that perfect moment when everything is just right to make that move. We get set, we get ready... but... we never go because that perfect moment never comes. The Monday to start the diet never comes, the logo for the new business is not right, you won't be happy until x or y... I can guarantee two things... If you do nothing today towards your goals whatever your goals may be... I guarantee you will gain nothing... If you make a move towards your goals... I guarantee that you will get closer to your goals and thus become a better, greater, empowered version of yourself. As always the choice is yours... Personally I always choose the latter and I climb that ladder ;-)