Wednesday, August 25, 2010



What a journey this has been
Reaching into the depths within
Thoughts on pages white and black
Knowing in the big picture there's nothing we lack

For those who don't see yet let me say you this
It's not my intention to just reminisce
It's not about me, what I've done and a pat on the back
It's to draw attention to things so we don't judge and attack

Such as compassion, caring and giving of time
Not focusing on what's in it for me and what is mine
We get caught up in manipulation and pretense
Consumed with hatred, pride and arrogance

It's not about me and who I think I am
It's about life and a bigger plan
To see beyond the balance sheet
Focussing on all the great people yet to meet

Don't take life for granted you can be led astray
In the wink of an eye it can be taken away
Point your moral compass to the North
Don't look back, own your present and go forth
Share with me your inner thoughts as I share mine too
I have respect for all humanity and I believe in you!

-2010 Rebecca Moradoghli