Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rebecca speaks SHERO


Over 40 Armenian Relief Society members and supporters attended the launch of Rebecca Moradoghli's book "From Sheep to Shero; Transforming the face of Tribal BS"

The author of the book spoke to us about SHERO methodology and how it helps us in achieving our goals in life by being true to ourselves.

SHERO (Spirituality, Humanity Enlightenment, Responsibility and Opportunity) - This is the title of a new book written by Rebecca Moradoghli, a young Armenian woman from Vancouver. Rebecca's book is captivating: Where did our beliefs come from? Do they still serve us? The SHERO leadership methodology offers an alternative for old and worn out beliefs that may be holding us back. Her book will help us move forward in a way that will not only benefit us but also those around us. It will change the way we do things today and more importantly TOMORROW.

Her book seems to transcend generations; the guests raging in ages 23 to 82 found the book equally captivating, they called the author courageous, insightful, intelligent, deep, and even compared her to seasoned writers like MAYA ANGELOU. Overall as we all predicted when bunch of intelligent, beautiful and outspoken women get together the outcome is usually something incredible and that's what we had on the evening of APR 10.