Monday, May 24, 2010


This poem is dedicated to all who are fighting or know of someone who has been face to face with this illness.


I don't recongnize race.
I don't stay in one place.
I don't know about countries.
I don't care about political boundaries.
I don't understand the languages of the world
I don't focus on your age whether young or old.
I don't accept the importance of money
I don't acknowledge colour whether white, black or honey.
I don't concern myself with the truth and pretenders
I don't differentiate between the genders
But I do know this...
When I come into your life for a while
I'm definitely not greeted with a smile
Your life changes in the blink of an eye
And most of you focus on the word why
You all come together with the greatest intention
And all of a sudden like me there's no discrimination
Together you understand that the greatest antidote
Isn't just medication yet love, faith and hope
Cancer is my name and I don't know your world
But I am a great teacher so I am told!

-2010 Rebecca Moradoghli
Take from the book "Sheep to Shero" pg 182