Friday, November 16, 2012

Get to know your world.. Get to know yourself!

SHERO on Opportunity: It is to our advantage to get to know the world around us. It is our duty as citizens of this planet given our time right here and now to explore our worlds. Never in history have we had this much opportunity to reach out and explore. Never in history has it become easier to do so. Whether by plane, train, automobile, internet or a good old-fashioned book... we must go beyond our comfort zones and challenge our beliefs about others. You do not need to be an archeologist or tomb raider to explore... you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Why should you do it? It puts your life into perspective. It helps you fine-tune yourself and your beliefs. It keeps your ego in check by realizing how many amazing people with amazing stories are out there from all backgrounds. It helps us realize that we are collectively grains of sand. You become humble not because you think you are great, you are humble because you realize you are not. You learn to laugh at yourself, your ego and your gremlin. Now ask yourself… is this an opportunity you want to miss? Travel the world to get to know the real you!