Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wherever you are in life, you got there because somebody inspired you!

SHERO on Humanity: We are not perfect nor is that our intention. Our intention should be to constantly constructively grow and evolve. There are days where we are in the trenches and it seems like nothing is going our way. Those are the days where the voice of one person can make the world of difference by way of inspiration and motivation to make us keep going. Where is this person? It could be a close friend, colleague or family member. It could be someone we admire from afar i.e. a president, movie star, writer, director etc. or someone that has long left us physically yet has left their legacy by way of a book, art work, impact on society. At any given moment you have access to inspiration and motivation. We can not function without each other... nobody achieves greatness on their own.