Monday, November 5, 2012

Adding value to your life means?

SHERO on Enlightenment: When I say add value to your life do you automatically think about your net worth or the value of your investments or do you think about your personal value and the constructive impact you have made on others? As we have all heard success in life is not a destination. It is a series of daily success. It is your authentic self that reveals itself when you are in the trenches and when things are not going your way. It is the fact that you hold your ground and persevere. SUCCESS IS when you put your head down to sleep at night you think 'I worked towards my greatness today'... THAT IS SUCCESS! Daily doses of success translate into a successful life. Do not measure your self worth based on money and the things you have acquired. If those things were taken away will you as a human being be value less? Invest in your greatness, invest in your values, add value not by way of money but by your presence for another human being.