Saturday, September 15, 2012

Re-Act.. in a POSITIVE manner!

SHERO on Responsibility: People may write against all religions, people may make fun of you or your thoughts, people will make movies that are against your views but... only you choose how to react to it. Just because somebody portrays something in a negative way it does not make it so. Please put down weapons and turn your passion into something constructive.... when a person makes a movie or writes a book or makes a speech...that person does not represent all humanity, all members of their country, all members of a particular religious group etc. There are people who make their living by causing trouble across all borders and couldn't care less about religion or positive beliefs. All they care about is manipulating people by playing the 'us vs them' game. Don't become part of the game. This behaviour is not limited to just the Middle East, North America, Asia etc... it's a type of personality of particular human beings in all corners of the world.
Violence needs to stop. Anytime we hurt another human being we are hurting ourselves....There are incredibly intelligent human beings out there who realize that we can co-exist in a peaceful interdependent way and won't let anybody manipulate them away from this constructive path... make sure you are one of them.