Thursday, August 23, 2012

One size does not fit all.

SHERO on Responsibility: People may try to manipulate, they may try to create trouble, their own insecurities may cause them to say something about someone or do things directed to you that may or may not surprise you but at the end of the day.. you are responsible for the way in which your react to it and interpret it. If your course is true and your compass it pointing north be steadfast and move forward. Always remember hurting people hurt people... if we remember only that.. that we all come from a place of wanting to be loved and accepted then everything becomes clear and empathy builds... Do not jump to conclusions life is not just black and white. The toys we grew up with where the circle piece fits in the circle and the square in the square does not apply to the mosaic of psyche's that make us beautifully individual and unique!.... We come in many shapes and sizes... one size does not fit all.