Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GOSSIP is venom!

Let's live life with integrity and authenticity!
SHERO on Enlightenment: GOSSIP is the most detrimental component of our society. It doesn't matter what our ethnic or cultural backgrounds are.. We all do it.. We all must stop doing it. He said, She said...Did you hear about... You didn't hear it from me but.... Don't spread hearsay, that is information from a third party that you have no evidence of... Don't be used as part of the misinformation delivery method. If you are going to share information with a third party about somebody else make sure it is something you would have no problem telling the person to their face. As you go through your day to day speaking to people imagine that all your words are being recorded, imagine that you have a video camera on you that shows all your facial expressions.. we are usually very unattractive when we share negative destructive thoughts... Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it? However, the damage that is caused from not making conscious choices can not only damage other peoples lives but yours as well. Make a conscious choice to share nothing but constructive thoughts... Whether you are a full time politician or a mother who is taking her children to baseball lessons... GOSSIP needs to stop... it is a very destructive part of our society. Let's live life with integrity and authenticity.. Let's do it!