Sunday, January 27, 2013

Connect.. it's in your DNA!

SHERO on Spirituality: 

The concept of Spirituality for a SHERO is not based on Religion. It is based on connecting and adding value to others. In a business environment what do you do to add value to yourself and add value to others at the same time? Machiavellian tendencies where the end justifies the means and that you must do whatever it takes to get to the top are not only destructive yet they disconnect you from people. If you help someone reach the top chances are you will reach the top with them. If you try to keep someone down you will remain down as well. In your personal life you must connect and add value to all those around you. Not one day a month when you volunteer in an organization but everyday. There is always someone in your sphere of influence that you can add value to.. whether with a simple hello, txt, note etc.... Do yourself a favour.. connect!