Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's practice what we preach

SHERO on Responsibility: The word of the day is Bullying.. we are all speaking against bullying and creating awareness for our children to be aware of bullies and to stand up and/or report bullies. As adults we too have to take responsibility for being bullies.. every time we lie, every time we gossip, every time we manipulate, every time we make fun of another culture, race, religion, or gender we become bullies... We hide behind our computers and send texts, emails etc that are hurtful but we think we get away with it because it is not face to face. What example is that for our children? Words can hurt but they can also build... Let's build... Let's practice what we preach, let's lead by example NOW! Let's grow up before we expect our children to do so!
ADULTS... Let's practice what we preach... we must ALL stop bullying not just children!