Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life is too short for Negativity - Snap into SHERO


Believe it or not it is really quite simple to change your negative state. You can do it with a snap, with the clap of your hands, by saying one word, by looking in the mirror and saying 'How you doin?' etc etc etc... Don't drown in a cup of water SNAP OUT OF IT!... I have two great ways that works for me... The first is the SHERO SNAP.. I close my eyes, breath in and as I breath out I open my eyes and snap my fingers as I think SHERO... The second way is empowering music.. I have a playlist called SHERO... It is filled with empowering music that I have collected over the years.. It's with me wherever I go.. in the car, for a walk, or dancing in the living room... Here's a song from my playlist... Get inspired and propel yourself forward...