Thursday, May 31, 2012

GOSSIP - The most dangerous weapon in the world!

How many of us have heard these expressions?

You didn't hear it from me but....

Don't tell anybody what I'm telling you.. (meanwhile you have heard it from three other people)

Mr. X allegedly said or did..... (love the over use of the word alleged before any facts are presented...)

The point is this, if we just focussed on facts and shared information that was constructive and not manipulative and destructive can you imagine the kind of lives we would have?  

Imagine a world where you say and do things 24/7 as if you knew the person you were speaking of was right there standing next to you?  If they were, would you say those hurtful things?  

Or when you think you see something and then you automatically translate it based on your own limited beliefs.  But it doesn't end there you go ahead and share those thoughts with others creating a ripple effect of negativity.

I'll give you a small example.  

A young person is pulled over in a fancy car by the police.  An older person who hasn't seen the young person for a long time sees this event taking place.  At a gathering she shares this information by saying I haven't seen this young person for so long and there he was pulled over by the police.  

What is this person saying in reality?  
Is this a positive image she has shared with others?  
Fancy car so it must have been speeding?  The driver is a troublemaker? 
What were her intentions behind the comment?  Destructive or Constructive?  
Is it possible that the police were there because he was in an accident?  
Is it possible that he had engine troubles and needed assistance? 

There are always a number of possibilities so we need to stop jumping to self righteous conclusions and sharing them.

When did it become ok to be destructive and damaging to others?  When did we give ourselves that authority?  

Always remember that the choices you make in your life make you who you are.
You are always free to choose your actions but you are not free from the consequences of those actions.   

The power of speech can create or destroy.  We have spent too much time on destruction... let's create! 

If you are going to spread something... spread love.