Monday, April 30, 2012


Picture it... 4 years ago and a consultant looking across a boardroom table telling me the infamous phrase that has become a standard to which business is conducted in the 'real' world..  "It's not personal.. it's just business"
The same individual proceeded to tell me that he would still have a beer with me after work in his effort to show some kind of camaraderie.Reeaalllyyy????

The question one has to ask is "Would I want to have a drink or a meal with someone who has shown no integrity and has mastered the art of manipulation?" (long story won't bore you with details)

You have heard me speak about Belief Systems (BS) on numerous occasions and the reality is that you are who you are 24/7/365.  
A person with a high value system does not leave these values at home and then go to work and operate with another set of values.
There is no difference between personal and business values when you have a concrete set of operating systems.   

For many years this phrase has been used for many to justify actions that are for the most part hurtful and destructive.

The way in which you conduct yourself in business is always personal.  Yes, there are times where difficult decisions have to be made.  And yes, we all have to take responsibility for our actions and reactions to things.  That being said, there are ways in which all parties can reach a mutually beneficial constructive path.

Surround yourself with like minded friends and peers.. make that your tribe.
Tap into the Spirit of the company..The S in SHERO.
What does the company stand for?  What are the values the company holds near and dear?  Do you feel connected with those values?
If so carry on.. if not... life is too short... find your tribe...

I'm committed to your excellence!